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About Holman Middle School
Nestled off Nuckols Road and Concourse Boulevard in Glen Allen, Virginia, Holman Middle School opened in September 2010 and is the newest middle school in Henrico County. Equipped with the latest and most up-to-date technology to enhance instruction, HMS students are provided unique interactive learning experiences.

In 2011, Holman Middle School earned the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver designation. Our school’s high-performance and sustainable design provides the students, faculty, staff, and community with an eco-friendly environment. The design reduces environmental impact through areas including transportation, storm-water runoff, water use, energy use, acoustics, indoor quality, and the materials to build the school.

Find out more about our high performance and sustainable design.


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Extended Absence Request If you are planning to miss school for more than 3 days please complete and turn in this form to the main office.

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Student Activity Pass All students staying after school for any extracurricular activity (i.e., clubs, sports, etc.) must have a signed Student Activity Pass from the parent/guardian on the day of the activity. This policy does not apply to athletes during sport season

Student Resource Officer The School Resource Officer, or SRO, is employed by the Henrico Division of Police and is assigned to the school to deter crime, conduct investigations, and enforce the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The SROs primary responsibility is to keep our students, staff and visitors safe.

Volunteer/Mentor Application All persons interested in serving as a volunteer at Holman Middle School and Henrico County Public Schools must complete a volunteer application. Completed applications should be turned in to the main office.

  • Reporting an Absence: A parent or guardian is encouraged to call the Attendance Hotline (804.346.1308) before 9:00 AM to report a student’s absence.
  • Requesting Make-up Work: After a student misses three or more consecutive days of school, parents may contact the School Counseling Office (804.364.1310) to request classroom assignments. Parents may pick up assignments twenty-four hours after requested.
  • Completing Make-up Work: Students have the number of days absent plus one to complete make-up work for full credit.
  • Family Trips: Although unnecessary absences from school are discouraged, there may be occasions for absences due to family trips. Prior approval from the principal is necessary if these absences are to be excused. The principal will excuse 10 consecutive absences once per year per student for travel. To request an excused absence(s), parents should download and complete an extended absence request form from the “Student and Parent Resources” tab on Holman’s website and submit to the attendance secretary.
  • Arrival/Departure from School: No student should arrive to school before 8:05 AM unless prior arrangements have been made with a teacher or administrator. All students should leave school at 3:15 PM unless they have made prior arrangements with a teacher or administrator or they are participating in a school-sponsored extra-curricular activity such as a club meeting or sporting event.
  • Early Dismissals: When a student must leave school before the end of the school day, a note should be given directly to the first period teacher at the start of the day. The note should state the reason and time of the dismissal. Parents must report to the main office to meet the student and sign the early dismissal register. Identification will be requested.

Any student wishing to ride a different bus than the one assigned or to disembark at a different bus stop other than the one assigned must have a note dated and signed by a parent. This note should be given to the first period teacher at the beginning of the school day. The student will then be given a permission slip which must be presented to the bus driver upon boarding the bus at the end of the school day. Students who are not riding the bus must not to go to the bus area at the end of the school day. No bus passes will be issued before a holiday or student half-day dismissal. Any student who demonstrates consistent distracting or disruptive behavior on the bus may lose his/her transportation privileges.

Cell Phone Acceptable Use Policy

HCPS policy permits students to bring cell phones to school; however, the staff is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones. Students are allowed to bring and use cell phones after school in the following situations: to call a parent for a ride or in a true emergency situation. The following guidelines are provided in order to clarify expectations and provide guidelines for appropriate use of cell phones.

  • Cell phones may not be on, visible, or in use at any time while on school property prior to 3:15 p.m. If a school employee sees a phone during the instructional day, the phone will be confiscated and a parent must retrieve it from the office during school hours.
  • If a cell phone rings prior to 3:15 p.m. on school grounds, the phone will be confiscated and returned only to the student’s parents.
  • Students may not use cell phones after school, including while attending after-school activities (dances, games, intramurals, etc.), for social reasons.
  • Cameras and recording software/hardware are prohibited on school grounds and on the school bus at any time. If a cell phone is misused on the bus, the driver has the right to ban usage of the phone.

The clinic is located across from the main office. No “over-the-counter” medication or prescription drugs will be dispensed without written permission from the parent/guardian and physician. Parents may request medication forms by calling the school nurse (804.346.1312). All medications must be kept in the clinic and brought to the clinic by the parent/guardian. Should a student become ill while at school, he/she will be sent to the clinic. If parental contact is necessary and the student must go home, the telephone call must come from the clinic. A student with a temperature greater than 100.4°F orally will remain in the clinic until a parent/guardian can come to pick up the child. Under NO circumstances may the student return to the classroom. Children with elevated temperatures may not ride the school bus home and must be picked up by the parent, guardian, or parent’s designee. Students must be free of symptoms of contagious disease (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, suspicious rash, etc.) for 24 hours before returning to school, and students who have been sent home through the clinic with these symptoms may not return to school that day or participate in after-school activities or programs.

Deliveries to Students During the School Day

In an effort to minimize classroom interruptions during the instructional hours, the main office will not deliver “non-emergency” items to students. Parents may leave items in the office for students to pick up on their own. However, the school will not notify students or accept any responsibility for items left in the main office. Parents, this policy provides an opportunity to encourage your child to be responsible about remembering their materials on a daily basis.


All students will be issued a school and P.E. locker. The Health and P.E. department has locks available to rent. Students should not share lockers or combinations with others. Although reports of stolen items will be investigated, the school cannot be responsible for students’ personal belongings. Lockers may be searched if necessary, and it is the students' responsibility to keep lockers neat and clean.


A student walking or riding a bike to and from school should have a note signed by a parent/guardian giving the student permission to walk or ride. If the student walks on a regular basis, the note should be given to the attendance secretary. A permanent walker’s pass will be created for the student and the original note will be kept on file. Any student with an assigned bus and bus stop will not be permitted to walk home without a note from a parent/guardian.

Grading Scale and Honor Roll

The Henrico County grading scale is as follows: 

Letter grade = Percent grade (4.0 scale)


Middle School Honor Roll is based on the grades earned in each marking period. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes to be eligible for honor roll and maintain a 2.7 grade point average for the marking period. Grades earned in 6th Grade Exploratory are not considered when calculating honor roll. Students with a D, F, I (Incomplete), or N (No Grade) in the marking period are not eligible for honor roll.

Honor Code/Integrity

Each Holman Middle School student is expected to accept the academic responsibilities associated with his/her classes and to behave in an honorable and respectful manner. Students are expected to do their own work and to accept responsibility for the assigned grade. Copying from someone else’s class work, homework, projects, quizzes, or tests is not acceptable. Violations will result in loss of credit for an assignment and any other appropriate consequences. Honor code violations may include: cheating, plagiarism, falsification (lying, forgery), using an assignment completed for one class in a different class, or an attempt to do any of these things.

HONOR PLEDGE: I have neither given nor received help on this assignment.

Teachers may require students to write the pledge.

Health & Physical Education

Each student must participate in physical education, purchase a gym suit, and have it at school when needed. Students must keep clothing locked in gym lockers during PE class. All other valuables such as money, watches, and jewelry should also be locked in the lockers. When possible, items too large for lockers should not be taken to the gym.


In order to provide a safe and secure environment, certain procedures are enforced by the administration. Search dogs (canines) may be used for random searches of students and lockers for illegal substances. Metal detectors may be used on a random basis to deter any illegal objects from being brought to school. These searches will happen in a random fashion and will not be intrusive to the students. We believe these deterrents will provide for a safer environment for our students and staff.

Visitors/Visiting Holman

Parents/guardians, school officials, community members, and patrons are encouraged to visit our school as often as time allows. Visitors will be required to notify a staff member prior to entering the building by using the buzzer system located on the brick wall to the left of the main entrance doors. You will be asked to state your name and the reason for your visit. Once in the main office, you will be asked to show your ID prior to obtaining a visitor’s badge. This badge must be visible at all times while in the building. Students from other schools are not permitted on campus unless prior approval has been obtained through a school administrator and/or school counselor.


Participation is open to all students who have not reached the age of fifteen (15) on or before August 1 of the school year in which they wish to compete. In addition, any student who wishes to play a fall or winter sport must have successfully passed Math, English, Science and Social Studies the preceding school year. Students wishing to participate in gymnastics or a spring sport must have passed Math, English, Science, and Social Studies at the end of the previous semester. Students must also have had an athletic physical after May 1 of the previous school year and before the first tryout date. Proof of insurance will also be required of all students trying out for a school sport.

*Note: Team membership is both an honor and a responsibility. Proper conduct, as outlined in the Henrico County Code of Student Conduct, is expected at all times, both on and off the field of play. If any student misbehavior results in an in- or out-of-school assignment, the following guidelines (as outlined in the Huskie Handbook) will be followed:

First in- or out-of-school suspension: Loss of participation during day(s) of suspension plus one game

Second suspension: Removal from team

*Any out-of-school suspension for three or more days results in automatic removal from team

Interscholastic Sports: The interscholastic athletic program includes the following sports:

Fall: Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis, Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance Team

Winter: Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance Team

Spring: Track, Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer, Softball, Baseball