A Message from Holman’s ECOLOGY CLUB

With the holidays quickly approaching and many of us hoping for , we have come up with great ideas to keep our holiday green!

Reuse or recycle gift packing materials – bubble wrap can be stored and reused or recycled at Holman.  Foam packing chips can be returned to shipping centers (Like UPS) who will reuse.

Save any special gift wrap, ribbons and bows and reuse for another holiday!

Christmas Trees for recycling – Henrico county will accept trees beginning Dec 26th. Drop trees off at the Springfield Road Public Use Area – Nuckols Road and Interstate 295.

Online shopping – all those parcels come wrapped in plastic.  Bring your plastic to Holman for our Plastic Recycle Challenge!  There is a TREX drop off box at the front door and the side door near the bus loop.

Acceptable plastic for the Trex Plastic Recycle Challenge:  plastics need to be dry and clean of any food residue.

If you have any questions contact Ms. George, the Ecology Club sponsor.