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Friday, June 14, 2019


--Sports pictures have arrived. Baseball players should see Coach Snead, soccer players should see Coach Maupin, Track should see Coach Mitchell, and Tennis and Softball players should see Mr. McKinney in room 2814.


--All boys tennis team members who have not turned in their uniforms need to do so as soon as possible. Mr. McKinney is collecting them in room 2814.


--Yearbooks will be delivered to students who preordered the yearbook on the last day of school, June 14, during first period. If you are unable to attend school on Distribution Day, your yearbook will be available for pickup during summer office hours in Holman’s Main Office starting Monday, June 17. After the yearbooks are delivered, Ms. Edmondson, will pick up and account for all yearbooks of students who are absent. After this is completed, Ms. Edmondson will make an announcement for the sale of the limited number of yearbooks that were provided to the school as extra copies from the vendor. This sale will be done as a raffle in which students must be present. If your number is called, in order to complete the purchase of a yearbook, you must have $25 cash in exact change, or a check made payable to Holman Middle School.


--There are more than 60 students with outstanding library accounts. Please take care of clearing your library account; remember it's return the book or pay the bill.


-- Did you borrow a textbook from the library to use at home throughout the year? Please return these to the library after you have taken your SOL’s.